Monday, March 18, 2013

Learning Outside the Classroom

How are you active at CPP outside of the classroom?

     I generally find classwork keeps me busy at school, but I do enjoy helping out outside of the classroom where I’m able to.

     One event I’ve helped out with is AMM’s Bridal Gown Liquidation Sale. This was an event held in the AMM building where bridal gowns, evening wear, and other wedding wear by designer Monique Luo would be on sale through the AMM department. Items were discounted at 80% on retail, and priced at $25 (veils and flower girl dresses) - $99 (wedding gowns).
     I helped out by helping brides find “the one” dress, and as a running joke by the girls helping, get them to say “yes to the dress”. I helped set up all the dresses on the racks, each organized by their size. We put back the dresses the brides didn’t care for, and had to be sure the dresses were facing the correct way on the hanger and that the trains were hung up as well. At the end of the day we had to put all the dresses in the back room. This was some good physical work! There was definitely a lot of teamwork involved throughout the day so that we could make things run smoothly as I’m sure the brides were stressed enough as is. I enjoyed being able to help out with this event because it was something that benefited our department.

     A second event I helped out with was the Fashion Society’s Fashion Show Luminosity – Cal Poly Fashion’s Night Out on February 28.

     I was a volunteer, and helped wherever I could. I was in the hair and makeup room, assuring models were going where they were supposed to and getting taken care of, I made sure models weren’t eating in their outfits, and when doors opened, I helped guests to their seats, both VIP and General Admission. This was a great experience for me because I was able to see what happens behind the scenes to make sure the show goes on smoothly. It was interesting to watch everyone running everywhere to get things taken care of before doors opened, and watch the models practice before show time. The show was absolutely lovely, and it was amazing watching my friends’ lines walk down the runway! Hopefully next year this is something that I will be able to participate in.

     A third event I volunteered for was Open House for the AMM Department. A few of my classmates and I did a presentation on what we were learning in our Apparel Production Simulation class. We showed students who were interested in the AMM department part of the process of the line we were creating, and because I was in the color and print group, I did a demonstration of how I created the print we planned to use for our line in Photoshop. It was great to see the fresh faces of people that wanted to come into the AMM department, and I think I did a good job of answering their questions and showing them that our department has a lot to offer!

    Last but certainly not least, a big achievement of mine is doing an internship. During winter quarter 2013, I worked at Fairytale Boutique in Downtown Los Angeles. This was my first internship and I was extremely excited because it was my first time working a clothing retail store, I got to work in a Japanese fashion store, as well as it being my friend’s shop.
     This internship was really fun for me, and I learned a lot about owning your own store and everything that it requires. I learned about marketing, visual merchandising, inventory, store layout, and their online store. I worked on the floor helping customers, and in the stockroom working on inventory. I also set up the inventory for the store’s online shop, and helped organize and run store events.

     I’ve written a full post about my time at Fairytale Boutique here: (link not yet available).

How is your participation in out-of class activities helping you grow as a learner and a person?

     Participating in events allows me to grow as a learner and a person because every opportunity is a chance for growth. In every situation you are able to learn something new. Working at the bridal show allowed me to learn more about the bridal industry and some of the styles of wedding dresses. It allowed me to interact with brides-to-be, and this was great for my communication skills. Working at the fashion show gave me the opportunity to work with coordinators, models, designers, and other volunteers in order to create an amazing, smooth-running show. Open house allowed me to welcome new students, and working at my internship taught me many things about the retail industry, and expanded my knowledge about it. I’m always interested in learning new things, and I’m enthusiastic about seizing any opportunity that will allow that.

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